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You’re working with timeseries data, and you’re at the initial discovery stage. You’re trying to figure out all the different ways that the data varies in time. There may be constant trends, whereby the data is constantly increasing or decreasing in time. There may be completely random variations. …

most likely vaccine efficacy
vaccine efficacy likelihood

But how was that number calculated? Turns out, the basic value is pretty easy. I’ll show you how to do that, and then I will make an estimate for how confident we are that the value is right.

Randomized trials

To test a vaccine, you need to do a randomized blind trial…

This is part 2 of this article:

To recap: there’s a pandemic going on, 1% of people have the virus. There’s a test that can detect the virus, and the test is 99% reliable (for both positive and negative results).

But this time, when you take the test, the result…

Florin Andrei

Graduated Physics. Engineer in the computer industry. Working on my Master’s degree in Data Science.

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